I Got a Finance Job in London

November 21st, 2013

When I first started working for a bank, I was fresh out of school. I was barely 19 years old, but I fell in love with my job. I knew that I wanted to have a banking career, so I ended up studying for that when I went to university. I have always loved finance, and now I was going to finally have the job of my dreams. I continued working at the bank through my school years, but I started looking for asset finance jobs the closer I got to graduating.

My career counselor at school gave me a lot of great tips, and she even offered to try and place me at some of the local institutions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jobs and Placements for Potential Careers

August 3rd, 2013

or critiqued by a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team . The job ...I need to figure out a career path at some point in the near future, because I am working a dead end job and I am not even sure when I will be eligible to get another raise at this job, much less a promotion. I need to start a real career, somewhere that I can make money and have a way to advance in the business. I am looking into placements right now because I have no idea what sort of career that I want to have or what I would be happy doing.

I really do not think that I care that much about what type of work I am going to be doing, as long as they pay me better and I have an opportunity to get promoted.

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What to Do to Find a Graduate Job

July 4th, 2013

Graduate jobs: Best languages to study - TelegraphGraduate jobs are starting to become rarer and rarer in america today. What was once a very easy thing to find has no become something of a joke. You might think that you can just walk out and put yourself on the market and that a job will just come up to you soon. And if this was three years ago that would be entirely true. But as of now they are harder to come by and there are a lot of people going for the very few open positions. You should make sure that you are as qualified as possible and maybe even try to get a little bit of experience under your belt before you go in to apply to one of these graduate jobs.

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Serving As Business Role Models for Future Generations

May 10th, 2013

One of the greatest things about the human spirit is that it is extremely powerful and that it has the ability to overcome unbelievable large obstacles. This can be seen when we look at the way that people have dealt with a wide range setbacks and failures. For example when we look at the financial world we see many instances of individuals who started out working in graduate jobs and ended up owning their own business and becoming extremely financially successful. Obviously it was not an easy road for them to travel. There were a lot of ups and downs, and there are a lot of situations that no doubt made them feel extremely frustrated as they were trying to reach their end goal. However, thankfully these individuals had the determination, and the strength of spirit to continue forward.

What is nice about individuals who persevere regardless of the challenges that life put in front of them is the fact that through their perseverance they encourage others to do their best. For example, for every successful business man or woman, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of young students in college looking for a person to look up to and to emulate. When these young individuals face certain challenges, they are going to be able to read about the life experiences of others who are now successful, who at one time had to deal with the exact same challenges. These experiences are going to motivate them, these experiences are going to encourage them, and these experiences are going to help them feel that they are not alone when everything is not going exactly as they had planned. Then, in the future once these young individuals who are now struggling to make their way in life find success,they will proved to be the role models that future generations will emulate.

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Understanding Facts About Chinese Business Cards

December 25th, 2012

My first trip to China for business was an eye-opener. I actually had a meeting where I was trained on presenting a business card to those I would be doing business with. I had no idea that is was such a big deal. I had a separate training meeting on using names and titles as well as how to introduce my colleagues and boss. The chinese business cards class was my first one. It was a standard training meeting that I am very familiar with but instead of it being about a new product line, the whole day was taken up with learning how to present business cards the correct way.

The next step was to order Chinese business cards. Our company was just beginning to do business in China.

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Sales Recruitment and Many Other Topics on One Site

October 17th, 2012

I was quite pleased when I found this site that has sales recruitment and many other topics covered on one website. I thought that I was going to have to spend days on end digging for all of the information that needed to put together a presentation for work. I was quite fortunate to find it all in one place and limit the time that I would have to spend doing research to a single day.

I was asked to put together a little presentation displaying all of the basic aspect of business ownership for the interns that have just started. I was an intern last year and I remember having to go through this presentation. I was lucky to have taken notes, but the notes were not going to be enough to cover all of the latest changes in how businesses are doing things these days.

I wanted to make sure that I did well, because next year, I have the opportunity to be considered for a full time position within the company.

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I Want to Be an X Ray Technician

August 11th, 2012

Mabel Shigaya, x-ray technician. Former occupation: x-ray technician ...I have always been very interested in medical professions, and I am very much hoping that I will be able to pursue a job in the medical field at some point in my life. As things stand, I am really interested in the prospect of becoming a x ray technician when I become older. Obviously I still have a lot to learn before that would ever become a possibility, but I am very willing to learn. Moreover, I feel that I am a very fast learner.

I took physics in high school, so I have a decent idea as to what x rays are, and how they work with regards imaging in medicine. At the same time, I am hoping to learn so much more about the subject.

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